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September 3, 2012

***** The X Files:
Added scans of six pocket calendars

February 13, 2012

***** Update:
Section "The X Files". Added scans of nine stickers on chewing gum

September 6, 2011

***** Update:
Раздел "Films". Сканы статьи в журнале TotalDVD, о фильме Джонни Инглиш 2
***** Update:
Раздел "Films". Сканы рекланомй листовки, к фильму Джонни Инглиш 2
***** Update:
Раздел "The X Files". Mention in , "Rose Red"

June 16, 2011

***** Update:
Section "The X Files ". Mention in "Weird Science"

***** Update:
Section "The X Files ". Scans and photo 4-disk edition of music from the series "The X-Files"

***** Update:
Section "Download". XFilesHolidays 1.41 - new version program-calendar for X-philes

May 11, 2011

May 10, 2011 the release of the long-awaited 4-disk edition of music from the series "The X-Files". Its already available on the official site of record companies, La-La Land Records

***** Update:
Section "The X Files". Some information about the collector's set music from The X Files

***** Update:
Раздел "Download". XFilesHolidays 1.39 - new version program-calendar for X-Phile

May 8, 2011

***** Update:
Section "The X Files". Mention in film Race to Witch Mountain

***** Update:
Section "Download". New version of HTMLeditor - 5.7

***** Update:
Section "Download". XFilesHolidays 0.8 alpha - Widget for Windows 7

***** Wallpapers:

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